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Are you struggling to choose a health insurance plan to fit your needs? Why should men undergo routine prostate cancer screenings? If you’re interested in more information on choosing a healthcare insurance plan, navigating through the Medicare system, the importance of prostate cancer screenings, or ways to lose weight, then check out some of these great resources:

  • Learn how to choose a health insurance plan for your needs with these tips from USNews.com .
  • What’s the difference between HMOs vs. PPOs ? Find out with this link from HealthInsurance.About.com.
  • Make sure you understand how Medicare works and whether or not you’re a candidate with this Medicare.gov checklist.
  • Check out this article from SSA.gov for an overview on Medicare, who qualifies, and your options for receiving healthcare services.
  • What are the main causes of obesity? Find out with this link from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Visit this link from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute for more information on how to assess your weight and health risks.
  • Did you know that prostate cancer is one of the most common diseases among men? Learn more with this link from The American Cancer Society .
  • Learn about the causes and signs of prostate cancer with this MayoClinic.com article.
  • Do you know how to diagnose an emergency situation? Make sure you know how to recognize a medical emergency with this link from EmergencyCareforYou.org.

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