October is National Physical Therapy Month!

Physical Therapy

The month of October is designated as National Physical Therapy Month as a way to spread awareness and educate consumers and patients on the benefits of physical therapy. Consider this overview on MountainView Hospital of Las Vegas and our physical therapy program.

When it comes to physical therapy—whether after an injury or joint replacement surgery—MountainView Hospital Las Vegas uses a dedicated team of physical therapy specialists to create an individualized program to meet each patient’s specific needs. Our rehabilitation team includes a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, physiatrist, physical therapists, occupational therapist, rehabilitation nurses, and speech pathologists. Our multidisciplinary team of experts ensures that all of our physical therapy programs are tailored so that each patient may reach their full potential. In addition, our multidisciplinary team is complemented by a group of social workers and rehabilitation recreation specialists to provide a full array of services and patient support.

Our rehabilitation and physical therapy programs include the following:

  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation
    This type of rehabilitation uses exercise methods and intense mobility training to restore mobility, strength, and normal range of motion for those who have suffered an orthopedic injury or following a surgical procedure.
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
    Neurological rehabilitation treats patients suffering from disabilities and impairments, such as head and spinal cord injuries, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and even Parkinson’s disease.
  • Functional Mobility Retraining
    This type of therapy retrains patients on proper functional mobility techniques and emphasizes ways to minimize the risk of re-injury.

Here at MountainView Hospital, our orthopedic surgeons, case managers, physical therapists, and registered nurses all provide stellar patient care both before and after joint replacement surgery as part of our Total Joint Program . This also includes personal visits while still inpatient and discharge planning assistance to help our patients get back to the daily activities they love.

If you’re in need of physical therapy, robotic surgery, or bariatric weight loss, MountainView Hospital Las Vegas is here to help. Visit our website or contact us at (702) 255-5000 for more information.

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