Examining the Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery

Recent developments in medicine and technology have allowed for more advanced diagnostic and treatment options for patients. Surgery is no exception—robotic technologies such as the daVinci surgical system are now used to increase precision and improve the outcomes of a wide variety of surgical procedures. Robot-assisted surgery has allowed many procedures that once required open incisions to be performed through smaller incisions with the assistance of endoscopes, reducing the risks that often accompany open surgery.

Here are some of the major benefits of robotic surgery :

  • Increased 3-D visualization of the surgical site
  • The highly-detailed and magnified visualization of the surgical site dramatically decreases the risk of nerve damage
  • Any hand tremor the surgeon may have is filtered by the robot
  • The robotic arms allow for increased control, range of motion, and precision
  • The surgeon has improved access to and manipulation of tissues, organs, and nerves without the need for a large, open incision
  • The patient experiences faster recovery times, and therefore, a shorter hospitalization
  • Patients are able to resume their normal daily routine much faster
  • Reduced pain and reduced risk for infection, blood loss and scarring due to the minimally invasive surgical approach and smaller ‘keyhole’ incisions
  • Because of the reduced blood loss, the donation of the patient’s own blood before surgery is not required

MountainView Hospital of Las Vegas is the only hospital in Nevada to offer a robotic approach to surgical weight loss. Combined with the skill and expertise of our physicians and staff, the daVinci surgical system provides a high-quality, advanced surgical approach used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions. If you have questions about robot-assisted procedures, please contact us at (702) 255-5000 or visit our website.

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