How Can You Benefit From Robotic Surgery?

Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is a relatively new development in the medical sciences. During robot-assisted surgery, the surgeon performs a procedure by controlling robotic arms while observing the surgical site on a monitor screen. The development and use of these surgical systems has been shown to provide many benefits to patients and physicians during and after the operation. A few of these benefits include:

  • Increased visualization with decreased incision size
    The state-of-the-art cameras and computer monitors that are a part of robotic surgical systems allow surgeons to see tissues closer than they otherwise would, without the need for large incisions. During robot-assisted surgery, tiny ‘keyhole’ incisions are made that are only centimeters long. The cameras are passed through these incisions and provide a high-definition image on the surgeon’s monitor. 
  • A minimally invasive option
    Robot-assisted surgery provides patients with a less invasive alternative to many surgeries . Minimally invasive procedures have been shown to result in reduced recovery times, hospital stays, pain, blood loss, and infection rates. Because there is less trauma inflicted on the tissue, patients are able to resume their daily activities much sooner and will often experience better clinical outcomes. 
  • Less damage to nerves and tissue
    Robotic surgical systems utilize tiny, elongated surgical tools that translate the surgeon’s hand movements into smaller, more precise gestures. These machines also have the ability to filter out any hand tremor that the surgeon may have. The accuracy and precision provided by this technology, in combination with the smaller incision size and minimally invasive approach, result in much less tissue and nerve damage when compared with traditional open surgery. 

Robotic surgery has many benefits, but it is not suitable for every surgical procedure. If you would like to learn more about this technology and how it can be used, contact MountainView Hospital at (702) 233-5300. We offer daVinci robot-assisted procedures as a less invasive alternative to many traditional procedures.

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