March is National Nutrition Month – Eat for a Healthier You!


Every process that takes place in the body is dependent on the energy provided by the food we eat. Ingesting the right amount of nutrients in their optimal proportions will help these processes to function at their healthiest levels and work to prevent the development of serious health conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease . This month, work to improve your eating habits by learning more about the most recent dietary guidelines backed by years of scientific research.

  • Know modern nutritional recommendations  
    Many of us have grown up with the traditional food pyramid, which contains the dairy group, meat group, grain group, and the fruits and vegetables group. As nutrition science has changed, so have these basic groups. Experts now recommend that men and women focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products as their main sources of nutrition, supplemented by lean meats, beans, eggs, and nuts.
  • Avoid unhealthy foods
    All healthy diets are low in saturated and Trans fats, salt, added sugars, and cholesterol, all of which contribute to the development of serious chronic medical conditions. 
  • Drink plenty of water
    For healthy people, drinking when thirsty and with each meal is usually adequate for meeting daily fluid needs. For those who spend prolonged periods of time out in the sun or who participate in rigorous physical activity, more water is needed to avoid dehydration .

A healthy diet, along with regular physical activity, can help you to reduce your risk of developing major chronic diseases and keep you looking and feeling great. To learn more about the diet and exercise routine that best fits your needs, speak with your healthcare professional or contact the experts at MountainView Hospital of Las Vegas. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your health-related questions—call us today at (702) 233-5300.

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