DaVinci® Robotic Surgery for Gynecologic Cancer


Women with cancers of the reproductive tract—of the uterus, ovaries, cervix, vagina, or fallopian tubes—have a variety of treatment options open to them. In many cases, hysterectomy, or surgical removal of the reproductive organs, is the most effective way to remove the cancer and prevent it from spreading throughout the body.

Traditionally, these surgeries were performed through large, open incisions that were necessary to provide the surgeon with visibility of the internal organs. This approach, though standard, can often come with a great deal of pain and a long recovery time.

With the development and introduction of the DaVinci® robotic surgery , the “standard” approach to complex hysterectomy procedures changed. Instead of performing these procedures through a single open incision, the surgeon can perform the entire procedure on a minimally invasive basis through incisions only one or two centimeters wide.

This amazing approach can provide the patient and surgeon with many benefits, including:

  • Less pain
    The DaVinci® robotic surgical system’s advanced monitoring technology allows surgeons to perform through the tiniest of surgical incisions, minimizing tissue damage and post-surgical discomfort. This advantage also reduces a patient’s need for pain medications after the procedure.
  • Quicker recovery
    The minimal tissue damage and inflammation that the robotic surgical system is able to achieve, results in a much quicker recovery. Patients are able to leave the hospital and return to their daily activities sooner and with fewer post-op complications.
  • More precision
    The unparalleled precision and control of the robotic arms provides the surgeon with a level of dexterity that is truly amazing. The robotic arms never tire and are able to filter out any hand tremor.

If you are interested in learning more about the capabilities of the DaVinci® robotic surgical system, contact the experts at MountainView Hospital . Our robotic surgery program specializes in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions, from gynecological cancer to bariatric surgery. To schedule a consultation with one of the robotic surgical specialists at MountainView Hospital, call our Consult-A-Nurse referral line at (702) 233-5474.

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