A Look at Surgical Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Bariatric weight loss involves the surgical alteration of the stomach and intestines in order to restrict food intake or inhibit the absorption of calories and fat. A surgical solution will typically only be recommended when a patient has a BMI of over 40 or a BMI above 35 along with at least one serious weight-related health condition.

Reasons for Weight Loss Surgery
If a patient’s conscientious efforts to control weight with conservative methods such as portion control and physical activity have failed, he or she may benefit from bariatric surgery . In addition to facilitating weight loss, the procedure can help to bring obesity-related conditions such as type-II diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea under control.

Operative Techniques Used
At MountainView Hospital, we offer three different bariatric weight loss options so patients can choose the procedure that best suits their situation. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery is minimally invasive, involving the use of a laparoscope to create an egg-sized stomach pouch which is attached to a portion of the small intestine. Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding is a similar process, but instead of rerouting the intestine, it uses an inflatable band to portion off a small section of stomach. Patients who want to minimize the risks involved in bariatric weight loss can elect to undergo a sleeve gastrectomy, in which the majority of the stomach is removed, permanently reducing the size of the organ.

Recovery Requirements
After weight loss surgery, it is vital to maintain a doctor-recommended diet and exercise plan. Staying hydrated, eating a number of small meals throughout the day, and developing a sense of satiety helps patients maintain gastrointestinal comfort. The most successful weight loss cases involve patients who are dedicated to following their physician’s instructions and making healthful choices each day.

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