Why You Need to Act Fast When Stroke Is Suspected

Stroke Care

When you notice the signs of a stroke in yourself or a loved one, seeking emergency medical treatment is absolutely critical. Receiving stroke care from MountainView Hospital within three hours of the onset of the condition can enable patients to recover with minimal disability.

There are two different types of stroke: ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic stroke is the result of a blood clot blocking an artery, preventing oxygenated blood from reaching the parts of the brain beyond the obstruction. Hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a weak blood vessel in the brain ruptures, causing blood to build up in the surrounding tissue.

Because every portion of the brain is vital to everyday functioning, time is of the essence when treating a stroke. As soon as a stroke patient reaches the emergency department of a hospital, diagnostic testing will commence in order to determine the size, position, and nature of the issue.

If an ischemic stroke is detected, anticoagulant medications and clot-dissolving drugs will be administered to facilitate blood flow and hopefully preserve the brain tissue that was deprived of oxygen. These measures are most effective within three hours of the onset of a stroke. Hemorrhagic stroke is treated surgically—the torn artery is either clamped to stem the flow of blood or closed with a coil that is guided through the cardiovascular system using a catheter.

The faster a stroke patient receives medical care, the better his or her chances of recovery are. Because a stroke can leave patients with severe disabilities, including speech deficits, restricted movement on one side of the body, and short-term memory loss, seeking stroke care quickly can make a significant difference in the long-term outlook of a patient.

The physicians at MountainView Hospital are dedicated to saving lives and improving the outcome of patients with life-altering conditions such as stroke. To learn more about our Las Vegas stroke care services, call (702) 233-5474 today.

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