See How We’re Zapping Germs at MountainView Hospital

MountainView Hospital is the first facility in Nevada to use Xenex, a state-of-the-art device that kills bacteria, viruses, and spores. As this video demonstrates, using the Xenex machine can save people’s lives.

Xenex is easy to operate. Hospital staff need only wheel it into a room and turn it on. UV ray impulses then zap any germs that may be inside that room. Five to 10 minutes later, the staff member can retrieve the Xenex machine for use in another area of the hospital. Though a newly implemented practice, MountainView Hospital has already witnessed a decrease in patient infection rates. Hospital administrators will continue to use the Xenex device, as well as their standard decontamination procedures, for isolation rooms, operating rooms, and the ICU at MountainView.

MountainView Hospital offers high-quality healthcare services for patients in the greater Las Vegas region. To learn more about our facilities, including our stroke and urgent care centers, please call us at (702) 233-5474.

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