How Bariatric Surgery Can Play a Role in Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a growing problem for public health in the United States, and its prevalence is closely linked to the rise of obesity among all age groups across the nation. If you have diabetes and you are struggling with your weight, bariatric surgery may be the best option to get your health back in your control. Below are some facts about bariatric surgery and diabetes to help you decide if surgery is the right choice for your health.

Subcutaneous abdomen injection

Weight is directly linked to type-II diabetes

Patients who are considered morbidly obese —living with a BMI over 40—and have diabetes have shown significant improvement in their condition or reversed the condition completely after achieving a healthy weight. While bariatric surgery is only one option for significant weight loss, it is worth considering if diabetes is a problem in your life.

Bariatric surgery facilitates rapid weight loss

When your weight is posing a serious risk to your health due to out-of-control diabetes and other related issues, bariatric surgery may be recommended to get your weight down as soon as possible. Surgery is not a quick fix, in that it does require a lifetime commitment to healthy dietary habits and physical activity. However, bariatric surgery is the first step on the path to the most rapid weight loss possible.

Surgery can provide results where other methods have failed

To be a candidate for bariatric surgery, you will need to have previous experiences in trying to lose weight that have been unsuccessful. Bariatric surgery can improve your chances of successful weight loss and help you get to a weight at which managing your health is an achievable goal.

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