• Comparing da Vinci Robotically Assisted Surgery and Conventional Surgery Techniques

    MountainView Hospital is proud to offer our robotic surgery program featuring the advanced technology of the da Vinci Surgical System , which is used for a wide range of surgical procedures in the fields of gynecology, oncology, and cardiology. Robotically assisted surgery has many benefits over conventional open surgery, and these are discussed in further detail below to help you understand why this surgical program is good news for our patients.



    Surgical risks

    Robotically assisted surgery only utilizes minimally invasive techniques, meaning that incisions are smaller than those used in conventional surgery and less healthy tissue is disturbed during the surgery. These changes to the surgical process allow for minimal blood loss and a lower risk for infection, which is a leading complication with conventional surgery.

    Recovery time

    Because the da Vinci System is designed to have minimal impact on the body while performing surgery, recovery is much quicker than with other surgical procedures. Many da Vinci surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, and patients are typically able to get up and walk within a day of surgery. Another benefit of the recovery process with robotically assisted surgery is smaller scars than conventional surgeries.

    Surgical accuracy

    The dexterity of the da Vinci System’s surgical tools and the enhanced view of the surgical site both allow the operating surgeon to work with greater precision than any other surgical procedure. While the system is operated by a surgeon, it has capabilities that surpass those of the human hand, so the chances for surgical errors are incredibly low. The da Vinci System is also equipped with redundant safety features to ensure that it is always operating with complete accuracy.

    Learn more about da Vinci Robotically Assisted Surgery and its uses at MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas by contacting us online or calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5474. We are committed to equipping our facilities with the latest medical technology to remain on the forefront of excellent patient care in all medical specialties.

  • The Road to Recovery After Bariatric Surgery

    Bariatric surgery  has given hope to many patients living with the health complications and emotional burden of obesity. Obesity has become an epidemic in the United States, and it can make your healthcare needs much more complex and costly. If you are considering bariatric surgery to help you combat obesity and take control of your health, you should be prepared for the extensive process of recovery and weight loss after your procedure. Here is a look at the components that will pave the way for your healthier future after bariatric surgery.

    Obesity female fat lines

    Dietary changes

    Just after surgery, you will only be able to consume liquids like chicken broth, juice, and skim milk. As you heal from the surgery, you can gradually introduce solid foods back to your diet, but you need to be careful to only eat in small quantities. Portion control will be essential to your success and comfort after bariatric surgery, but you will also need to commit to a more balanced diet that covers all nutritional bases.

    Physical activity

    Exercise is necessary for any type of weight loss, and it is a cornerstone of healthy living. While it may be difficult to exercise at first, you will find that  physical activity becomes much easier  once weight starts to come off. You should be ready to live a much more active lifestyle after your surgery, as exercise will continue to be important when you transition to weight maintenance after reaching your goal.

    Lifelong commitment

    Bariatric surgery is only the first step in a lifelong journey of healthier habits. If you do choose surgery, it should be as a life choice and not a quick fix for weight loss. The recovery process is challenging, and it is followed by permanent changes to your lifestyle.

    If you are thinking about bariatric surgery and you are ready to get serious about your weight loss, visit  MountainView Hospital  in Las Vegas for one of our weight loss surgery seminars. Sign up for a seminar or take a closer look at our bariatric surgery program by visiting our website or calling (702) 233-5474. 

  • Stress Management Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

    As the hectic holiday season gets into full swing, the effects of stress can begin to take over your health. The holidays are a common source of stress for American adults, so this time of year can mark the beginning of short- and long-term health problems. You can be holiday-ready this year by utilizing some stress management techniques to keep you happy and healthy through this busy season.


    Get more exercise

    Physical activity is an excellent stress management technique, because it produces mood-elevating hormones that counter the effects of cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone. Plus,  regular exercise  will lead to better sleep at night, and this promotes stress relief.

    Take time for yourself

    When your calendar is filled with social events and family gatherings, it can be difficult to take the time to relax on your own. Still, it is important to reserve time to meditate, take a hot bath, get a massage, or even read a book. These activities will help ease physical and emotional stress so you are ready to take on your tight holiday schedule.

    Limit alcohol consumption

    During holiday festivities, it may be tempting to use alcohol for stress relief, but it can perpetuate stress rather than reduce it. While indulging in the occasional spirit will not have a significant impact on your health, drinking excessively can lead to depression, anxiety, and more serious mental health issues. When you do choose to enjoy a festive beverage, be sure that you have a designated driver to get you home safely.

    For more help managing holiday stress and staying healthy all year long, visit  MountainView Hospital  in Las Vegas. With meditation and yoga classes taking place through November and December, you can add some healthy fun to your holiday season. Learn more about these and other H2U classes on our website or by calling us at (702) 233-5474. 

  • Find More Health Facts To Help You Through The Holidays

    The holiday season is the most difficult time to stay healthy and fit, so you might seek some extra help maintaining good health this year with MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas. Connect with us through our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5474 or visit our website and explore the upcoming health-conscious classes and events we are offering to the community.

    Fitness running woman

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  • Taking Steps to Lower Your Risk for Type-II Diabetes

    The number of people affected by type-II diabetes is growing in the United States, and this trend can be largely attributed to the problem of obesity in this country. In order to fight back against diabetes and take control of this serious health concern, it is important to understand that diabetes does not develop overnight. Weight gain and unstable blood sugar are the result of years of unhealthy habits like inactivity and poor diet. Making small changes and building on them over time will help to get you on the right track to lowering your risk, and this video from the American Diabetes Association can inspire you to get started.

    Now is the time to start making a change to your health, because it is American Diabetes Month. Be a part of this month-long health awareness event and start on your path to better health with MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas . Find us online or call (702) 233-5474 to learn about our diabetes awareness and healthy living classes and events going on in November.