Taking Steps to Lower Your Risk for Type-II Diabetes

The number of people affected by type-II diabetes is growing in the United States, and this trend can be largely attributed to the problem of obesity in this country. In order to fight back against diabetes and take control of this serious health concern, it is important to understand that diabetes does not develop overnight. Weight gain and unstable blood sugar are the result of years of unhealthy habits like inactivity and poor diet. Making small changes and building on them over time will help to get you on the right track to lowering your risk, and this video from the American Diabetes Association can inspire you to get started.

Now is the time to start making a change to your health, because it is American Diabetes Month. Be a part of this month-long health awareness event and start on your path to better health with MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas . Find us online or call (702) 233-5474 to learn about our diabetes awareness and healthy living classes and events going on in November.

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