• Understanding Your Healthy Weight

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    Excessive weight can impact your health in several ways. It can increase your likelihood of heart disease . It can heighten your risk of stroke. It can also contribute to the onset of type 2 diabetes. For all these reasons and more, it’s essential to maintain a healthy weight throughout your life. However, the number you see on the scale should not be your single determinant of a healthy weight. Healthcare providers instead recommend that people calculate their BMI, or body mass index, on a regular basis to better assess if their weight is in a healthy range.

    What is body mass index?
    Body mass index is a calculation that determines if your weight is adequate for your height. Individuals with BMI readings of less than 18.5 are considered underweight. People who have BMIs between 18.5 and 24.9 are of average weight, while individuals with BMIs of 25 to 29.9 fall into the overweight range. If a BMI reading is above 30, it indicates obesity.

    Why is body mass index important?
    Few people can adequately assess if their weight is healthy by looking in the mirror or stepping onto a scale. Often they underestimate their weight’s implications, assuming that a few extra pounds cannot significantly affect their health. On the contrary, even an additional five or 10 pounds can harm your wellbeing. By calculating your BMI, you can instantly know whether you need to make changes to your lifestyle habits for a healthier weight.

    How can you maintain a healthy body mass index?
    The basic components to achieving a healthy body mass index are eating right and exercising regularly. Though some people may not immediately recognize their impact on their BMI, both stress and smoking can also contribute to excessive weight and should be managed and eliminated, respectively. If you are obese and cannot decrease your weight on your own, consult a bariatric weight loss specialist for assistance.

    MountainView Hospital’s Las Vegas surgical weight loss center can help you achieve a healthy weight. To find out more about our hospital’s weight loss services, call our Las Vegas hospital at (702) 233-5474 for a consultation.

  • Three Habits to Develop for a Healthy Heart

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    You depend on your heart for life, and your heart depends on you for health. As with any other aspect of your body, your heart can perform only as well as you allow it to. What you put into your body and how you choose to use it largely determine the health of your heart . To make sure that it functions as efficiently as possible, be sure to follow these heart-healthy habits.

    Get Regular Exercise
    Consistent physical activity is fundamental for the well-being of your heart. According to the American Heart Association, you must get in a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise on a weekly basis to safeguard your heart. Increase your intensity, and you need only 75 minutes to maintain your cardiovascular system. While some people claim that they don’t have the time required for exercise, you can gain the same fitness advantages from multiple 10 or 15-minute sessions of physical activity as you do when you work out for 30 minutes at a time.

    Reduce Daily Stressors
    Stress enters nearly every person’s life on a daily basis. However, its constant presence can negatively impact an individual’s cardiovascular health. To minimize the effects of stress on your heart, try to find ways to reduce it. Exercise happens to be an excellent deterrent to stress, as is meditation. Finding a few minutes every day to engage in a pleasurable activity can also decrease stress.

    Stay Smoke Free
    As any heart hospital will emphasize, smoking constitutes one of the most harmful risks to your cardiovascular well-being. That’s why it’s essential to quit as soon as possible. Even if you uphold healthy habits like regular exercise and stress reduction, smoking can undo all your efforts. If you are experiencing difficulties with quitting, consult with a heart hospital for advice on successful cessation methods.

    Are you doing all that you can to protect your heart? To learn more about how to keep your cardiovascular health strong, call MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas at (702) 233-5474. Our H2U services can help you incorporate lifestyle habits to ensure your heart’s health for years to come.

  • MountainView Hospital Participates in “Firefly” Clinical Trial

    MountainView Hospital

    MountainView Hospital is one of four sites in the country to take part in a clinical trial that looks at the use of Directed Imaging during minimally invasive hysterectomies for cervical and uterine cancer.

    The other study sites include hospitals and academic medical centers in Indiana, North Carolina and Michigan. These procedures utilize the daVinci Surgical System, to perform complicated gynecologic cancer procedures through several tiny incisions. The clinical trial gets its name from the Firefly Fluorescence Imaging software and dye that causes sentinel lymph nodes to glow a fluorescent green.

    MountainView and  Dr. Lynn Kowalski , medical director of the hospital’s robotics program, the Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery, were chosen to take part in this clinical study because of the great track record of our surgical robotics program and Dr. Kowalski’s depth of experience and knowledge with robotic and gynecological surgeries.

    “What that means is that our patients who qualify for the study don’t have to leave the state for the latest care. It means that they are getting the best care here, in their back yard,” said Will Wagnon, MountainView Hospital Chief Executive Officer. “We are bringing innovative new surgical approaches to patients.”

    The study examines whether fewer lymph nodes can be removed during cancer surgeries by identifying the “sentinel” lymph nodes (those most likely to involved in the spread of the disease). Current practice requires removing all the lymph nodes near the cancer. By only taking out the most informative lymph nodes, surgical complications may decrease and patients may have fewer health side effects long term, such as lymphedema of the legs.

    For more information about the “Firefly” clinical trial, read the rest of our report here !

  • Smoking and Your Heart Health

    Some people assume that smoking is detrimental only to their lungs. As this video from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention demonstrates, however, it can severely impact the heart as well.

    Whether you have been a smoker for a few months or many years, tobacco use can cause irreversible damage to the cardiovascular system . For some, it may even lead to a heart attack. While people may survive heart disease, they often find that it permanently alters their ability to engage in many aspects of life, such as playing with their children. Don’t deprive yourself these simple life enjoyments; make a commitment to stop smoking today.

    MountainView Hospital Las Vegas provides cardiac rehabilitation services for patients in the greater Las Vegas region. To learn how to recognize the signs of a heart attack, call our heart hospital at (702) 233-5474 or take advantage of our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral system.

  • What Seniors Need to Know About Influenza

    The flu season is here once again. Though healthcare providers recommend that adults of all ages receive an influenza vaccination , seniors in particular are cautioned to get immunized each year. Given that this year’s flu has reached epidemic proportions across the United States, individuals 65 years old and older should not hesitate to get their vaccinations as soon as possible.

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      Risks of Influenza

    Seniors are strongly advised to get a flu immunization for several reasons. First, the body’s immune system begins to deteriorate as part of the aging process. As a result, seniors are more likely to contract the flu than other demographic groups. Second, because of their compromised health, seniors are more susceptible to experiencing complications from the flu. Secondary illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonia can often accompany influenza in older people.

    Protection from Influenza

    Seniors can choose one of two different influenza vaccinations. They may get the regular dose shot that is provided to other adults, or they may select the high-dose vaccination, which can potentially bolster their immune response. In general, healthcare providers recommend the high-dose immunization, but before you receive your flu shot, consult with a physician regarding the appropriate vaccination for your healthcare needs.

    Treatment for Influenza

    Nine out of 10 Americans who die from influenza are over the age of 65, which is why you should seek immediate medical treatment if you suspect that you have the flu. The flu can take its toll on even the healthiest individuals, so don’t assume that you can fight it off on your own. In some cases, doctors may administer antiviral drugs because older individuals typically experience more dire consequences when afflicted with the flu. If you’re not sure whether you have the flu, contact a healthcare provider to be certain.

    MountainView Hospital Las Vegas provides flu prevention and treatment services for patients in the greater Las Vegas area. To help determine if your symptoms indicate the presence of influenza, take advantage of our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral system. When in doubt, call (702) 233-5474 to speak with a healthcare provider about your condition.