MountainView Hospital Participates in “Firefly” Clinical Trial

MountainView Hospital

MountainView Hospital is one of four sites in the country to take part in a clinical trial that looks at the use of Directed Imaging during minimally invasive hysterectomies for cervical and uterine cancer.

The other study sites include hospitals and academic medical centers in Indiana, North Carolina and Michigan. These procedures utilize the daVinci Surgical System, to perform complicated gynecologic cancer procedures through several tiny incisions. The clinical trial gets its name from the Firefly Fluorescence Imaging software and dye that causes sentinel lymph nodes to glow a fluorescent green.

MountainView and  Dr. Lynn Kowalski , medical director of the hospital’s robotics program, the Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery, were chosen to take part in this clinical study because of the great track record of our surgical robotics program and Dr. Kowalski’s depth of experience and knowledge with robotic and gynecological surgeries.

“What that means is that our patients who qualify for the study don’t have to leave the state for the latest care. It means that they are getting the best care here, in their back yard,” said Will Wagnon, MountainView Hospital Chief Executive Officer. “We are bringing innovative new surgical approaches to patients.”

The study examines whether fewer lymph nodes can be removed during cancer surgeries by identifying the “sentinel” lymph nodes (those most likely to involved in the spread of the disease). Current practice requires removing all the lymph nodes near the cancer. By only taking out the most informative lymph nodes, surgical complications may decrease and patients may have fewer health side effects long term, such as lymphedema of the legs.

For more information about the “Firefly” clinical trial, read the rest of our report here !

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