Avoiding Upper Body Injuries in the Workplace

Jobs that involve frequent power tool use can lead to serious injuries of the hand or wrist that may require long-term care for pain management and recovery. Repetitive stress injuries could also lead to injuries such as carpal tunnel, but this is more likely related to a genetic predisposition to this condition.

This video explains upper body injuries in more detail along with the treatment options for these injuries. If you do need orthopedic care for your hand or wrist, you should see an orthopedic surgeon for a complete look at your options for treatment. While surgery may be an option, the surgeon will likely explore conservative treatment options first, because these can typically offer sufficient relief.

If you are in search of an orthopedic surgeon specializing in the type of injury you have sustained, contact MountainView Hospital at our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line by calling (702) 233-5474. You can also explore all of the orthopedic and emergency services offered at our hospital by visiting our website .

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