How Body Language Can Indicate a Stroke

Humans use body language to communicate all types of feelings and emotions, but body language can also be a critical indicator of serious health conditions—specifically stroke . When a person is having a stroke, there are three characteristic signs that may be seen in the face and body.

This video from the American Stroke Association reviews the body language associated with stroke so that you can be prepared to seek emergency care at the first signs. Droopiness on one side of the face, weakness in the arms, and slurred speech are all signs of stroke that should prompt a quick call to 911.

At MountainView Hospital, a Certified Stroke Center, we have dedicated emergency facilities that can make the difference in survival after stroke, so you can rely on us for care of yourself and your loved ones. You can find out more about our emergency care by calling (702) 233-5474 or visiting our website. If you think you are having a stroke – call 911.

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