Promoting Relaxation to Improve Your Heart and Brain Health


With heart disease and stroke taking so many lives in America each day, the value of healthy lifestyle changes is incredibly high. Better stress management through relaxation is one way in which nearly all people could stand to improve their heart and brain health. Stress raises your blood pressure, increases your heart rate, and releases hormones that could trigger a number of physiological reactions that can make you feel ill. Over time, these reactions can dramatically increase your risk of heart attack and stroke . To take control of stress in your life, try these strategies recommended by the staff at MountainView Hospital.

Explore Meditation or Yoga
Yoga and meditation are both activities that can create a sense of calm, help you release negative thoughts, and allow you to feel more control over your body. If you are unfamiliar with the principles behind these practices, MountainView Hospital can help you learn more through our free meditation, yoga, and tai chi courses for h2u members.

Take Time to Breathe
In moments where you feel overwhelmed with stress or anger, it is best to take a step back and breathe to calm down. Simply breathing deeply for 10-15 seconds can help you let go of unneeded stress and center yourself before you take on more of the day’s challenges. Making a habit of using therapeutic breathing to keep stress in check can have significant long-term effects for your heart health.

Ask for Support from Those Around You
Coworkers, family members, and friends can all pile on stress on hard days, but if you communicate with those around you, they may be more willing to give you a moment of peace. When you are having a bad day, kindly ask those around you to for time to yourself or to help you find a distraction from the source of your stress.

For more healthy living tips to keep you feeling great for life, contact MountainView Hospital to join our h2u program. You can connect with us at our website or by calling our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5474.

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