Why You Should Follow an Immunization Schedule for Your Newborn

Newborn in blue

Once your child is born , you should work to build a relationship with your family’s pediatrician to ensure that your baby gets a healthy start in life. As you discuss healthy routines for your child with the doctor, you will probably get a vaccination schedule that includes several important immunizations to be administered from birth to age 18. While all of these vaccinations are important, the most critical are those scheduled within the first year of your baby’s life, when his or her immune system is most vulnerable. Below is a closer look at the reasons these vaccines are a necessary part of your child’s visits to the pediatrician.

Personal safety for your child
Vaccines protect children from serious and potentially fatal diseases, including hepatitis, polio, and measles. Following the recommended schedule of immunization for these conditions is important, because shots are scheduled when they will be most effective and safe for your child.

Contribution to public health
You may think that because the diseases that immunizations work to prevent are so rare, there is no real threat to your child. However, it is because of vaccines that these viruses are now under control. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every parent to ensure that their children are properly vaccinated so that they do not contribute to a future outbreak of certain conditions. This type of outbreak has been seen recently with a rise in cases of whooping cough, which is in part the result of failure to vaccinate against this virus in several communities around the country. 

Acceptance to schools and daycare
Most public and private schools and daycare facilities will not allow your child to enroll unless he or she is up to date on immunizations, because these busy environments are so conducive to the spread of viruses.

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