What Are the Signs of Dehydration?

Blue Nalgene

Temperatures are quickly rising throughout Las Vegas, and with the heat comes the risk of dehydration. While you’re not likely to pass out from lack of water, dehydration can still affect your health in various ways. Moreover, the signs of dehydration aren’t always as apparent as simply being thirsty or having a dry mouth.

Dehydration typically affects children more easily, and can cause them to be lethargic, constipated, have dry skin and headaches, and produce little or darkened urine. Beware if your infant has not wet their diaper in more than three hours. Children are particularly susceptible to dehydration if they participate in sports or regularly consume salty or sugary foods and beverages. So-called “sports drinks” are not a sufficient replacement for water, and in most cases the potassium, sodium, and sugars they do contain are only beneficial for strenuous workouts lasting more than an hour.

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