• MountainView Hospital Announces New Chief Nursing Officer

    MountainView Hospital

    MountainView Hospital is pleased to announce its new Chief Nursing Officer, Natalie Ransom.

    Ransom will assume the role as Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), effective August 19. She joins MountainView from Southern Hills, where she has served as CNO since 2012. Prior to joining Southern Hills, Ransom was part of the MountainView team as the Associate CNO.

    Ransom has been with HCA since 1997. Before moving to Las Vegas, Ransom lived in Gainesville, FL where she began her career at North Florida Regional Medical Center as a CNA, became an RN and Clinical Coordinator, then director of Med/Surg and eventually, Associate CNO. Ransom’s educational background includes both a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science in Nursing.  

    During her time at North Florida Regional Medical Center, Ransom received HCA’s 2010 Frist Award, as well as the 2009 President’s Director Award. She has the proven ability to hardwire complex processes and regulatory changes.

    Ransom has worked closely with all the nursing directors at Southern Hills Hospital, developing programs and focusing on process improvement. Under her leadership, she created a dynamic nursing team that strives to deliver the highest quality care. She is an engaged listener, working to tap every team members’ talents and ideas to improve patient care.

  • What Is Healthy Blood Pressure?

    Testing Blood Pressure - Closeup

    As your heart works to supply blood throughout the body, it maintains a delicate balance of blood pressure inside the arteries. However, various items can alter healthy blood pressure and endanger your health. But what exactly does abnormal blood pressure do to your body?

    High blood pressure, also known as hypertension or HBP, can damage the lining of your arteries and cause fatty deposits to collect on the sides, causing a condition known as atherosclerosis. HPB can also cause a bulge in the arteries, potentially leading to a life-threatening aneurysm. Low blood pressure, or hypotension, is less common and typically only temporary, but can result in lightheadedness or fainting. Blood pressure is recorded as a ratio between systolic (the amount of pressure during a heartbeat) and diastolic pressure (the amount of pressure between beats). A healthy systolic/diastolic reading is generally less than 120/80, prehypertension occurs with readings up to 139/89, and emergency care is needed for 180/110 or above.

    Maintain your health and prevent potentially serious cardiac complications with MountainView Hospital, an Accredited Chest Pain Center in Las Vegas . Contact our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5474 to schedule a check-up.