Honoring World Sepsis Day September 13th

Sepsis Infographic

World Sepsis Day is fast approaching, which is why MountainView Hospital would like the greater Las Vegas community to learn more about this avoidable life-threatening condition. Sepsis entails the collapse of the body’s major organs due to the presence of bacteria in the circulatory system. This problem is a concern across the globe, as it can rapidly occur and lead to death if it is not immediately addressed.

Infections can develop from a multitude of circumstances. The body’s immune system can often eliminate minor infections. If more severe, a combination of white blood cells and antibiotics can frequently eliminate bacteria from the body. In some situations, however, the bacterial agents causing problems overwhelm the body’s defense mechanisms . When this happens, those agents escape the infection site and travel into the rest of the body. Should they enter the bloodstream, they gain immediate access to critical organs such as the lungs, liver, and heart. If the spread of the infection is not stopped in time, these organs may go into failure.

The signs of sepsis usually entail the same physical and mental changes from person to person. One primary symptom is body temperature. When the body fights an infection, its internal temperature often rises. Under circumstances where sepsis may be present, body temperature may drop as well. As a result, someone with sepsis may experience chills or extreme fatigue. Many times, sepsis sufferers also lose their capacity for lucid thought.

Professional medical care is imperative if a person has sepsis. Individuals with loved ones who have an infection should closely monitor their condition for any unusual signs. Letting sepsis develop for even a few hours can severely impair a person’s ability to recover from this medical emergency.

MountainView Hospital urges our Las Vegas community to become informed about the dangers of sepsis. Call us today at (702) 233-5474 or visit our website to learn more about how our emergency center can be of help when confronting this condition. Individuals who suspect that a loved one may be suffering from sepsis can take advantage of our iTriage Symptom Checker prior to arrival at our facility. 

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