Your Guide to Early Breast Cancer Detection

Hands holding breast cancer ribbon

Breast cancer is a disease that can continue to grow without medical intervention. The longer it has to spread in the breast and body, the greater are the lengths that may be needed to treat it. That’s why MountainView Hospital encourages women in the greater Las Vegas community to take initiative to detect the signs of breast cancer before the disease can cause greater harm.

Monthly Self-Examinations
An integral step in the fight against breast cancer is monthly self-examinations. This at-home routine involves a visual and manual inspection of the breasts. Women of menstruation age and older should conduct this type of evaluation at the same time each month. By giving oneself a breast examination on a consistent basis, breast tissue traits become more familiar. In the event that a cancerous growth should develop, a woman who has been doing her self-examinations may more easily detect a problem.

Annual Clinical Examinations
Physicians also recommend yearly examinations performed by a doctor. A woman may know the individual characteristics of her breast tissue, but a physician has the training to detect known breast cancer symptoms such as hard lumps under the skin, abnormal discharge from the nipple, and breast pain. Should a doctor find any of these conditions, he may advise further testing to determine the cause.

Regular Mammograms
Mammograms can provide physicians with detailed images of the breast tissue, which may or may not reveal masses lying below the reach of manual touch. A mammogram can also offer greater insight into the traits of a mass detected by a self-examination or clinical evaluation. As with a clinical examination, what is found from the results of a mammogram may prompt a doctor to order a biopsy or additional testing to see if a suspicious growth is breast cancer. During the month of October, MountainView Hospital is offering $75 Screening Mammograms .

Let MountainView Hospital help you take control of your breast health. Whether you are due for a clinical examination or mammogram, we can help. To set up an appointment at our Las Vegas-based hospital, call (702) 233-5474 today. We also encourage our patients to use our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral system for more information about our services and physicians.

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