How to Prevent Holiday-Related Injuries

One surprise you do not want during the holidays is an injury that puts you in the hospital. That’s why MountainView Hospital wants to stress the importance of looking after your orthopedic health during this holiday season. Incidents both at home and on the road can cause significant injury to your muscles, bones, and joints. Keeping in mind these tips can help you prevent unexpected accidents.

little girls with Christmas tree

Make Holiday Decorating a Group Effort
Many people decorate their homes and offices during the holidays. With the introduction of holiday décor, though, comes more opportunities to get hurt. Trying to hang decorations from a doorway, ceiling, or rooftop presents the chance of fall-related accidents. Attempting to carry heavy or bulky holiday decorations can create a dangerous situation for back-related injuries. If you want to put up holiday décor, always have a friend, family member, or coworker help you.

Watch Where You Step
Decorations may not always stay where you put them. A stray ornament can provide the catalyst for a serious slip and fall accident. A fallen string of lights or garland can create a hazardous tripping scenario. During the holidays, make a point to check all walkways to remove items. If you plan to open gifts during the holiday season, make sure to rid your office reception area, living room, and other commonly walked spaces of all wrapping paper and presents to prevent accidents.

Travel Light When Visiting Loved Ones
Millions of people take to the road and sky during the holidays to visit with friends and family. Should you have  plans to travel over the holiday season , make sure that your luggage does not cause you or your family injury. If you are bringing gifts to loved ones, mail them ahead of time to avoid having to carry them at the airport. When packing your clothing and other items, keep it to essentials. Especially when traveling to a cold climate, sweaters, boots, and other winter attire can quickly add weight to your suitcase. Pare down your wardrobe to lighten your load.

The holidays are a time to relax and celebrate with friends and family.  We at  MountainView Hospital  wish you and yours a happy holiday season, and while we hope that everyone remains safe and healthy, we understand that accidents sometimes happen.  This is why our doors are always open for you and your family, just in case you need us.  For more information, call our Consult-A-Nurse Healthcare Service at (702) 233-5474).

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