Keeping Toys from Causing Serious Injuries in Children

The holidays usually mean one thing to children: toys. The introduction of new toys can be very exciting for kids, but it can bring about unanticipated injuries as well. MountainView Hospital urges all parents in the greater Las Vegas area to be mindful of the following suggestions during this holiday season. By supervising the purchase and usage of children’s toys, the holidays can be a safe and happy experience for kids of all ages.

Building with wooden blocks together is fun

Purchase Age-Appropriate Toys
As interesting as a toy may appear, if a child is too young for it, it can turn into a dangerous object. That is why many toy packages come with age regulations. Children under the recommended age limit may lack the motor skills or cognitive development to understand and safely use a given toy. Even if a child seems advanced for their age, it’s better to purchase a toy that has  safety expert approval for their age range .

Prevent Playing with Toy Packaging
Upon opening their toys, some children may be more enthralled with the packaging in which the toy came. However, packaging elements such as plastic bags and foam reinforcement can have life-threatening complications for young children. Foam packaging can easily crumble, which may prompt small children to put pieces in their mouths. Plastic bags can quickly cut off a child’s air supply and induce suffocation.

Dispose of Broken Toys
A broken toy may leave a child upset, but it can also leave him injured if they continue to play with it. Damaged toys should be thrown out if they cannot be properly fixed. Should a wooden toy crack, its splintered parts can lead to a laceration or puncture wound. If a plastic toy breaks, its pieces can be ingested and cause internal harm. To protect children at the holidays and all year long, remove broken toys from the home as soon as possible.

In the event that your child suffers an injury, MountainView Hospital can help. Our  Emergency Department  offers quick and capable care to Las Vegas patients of all ages. To contact us, call (702) 233-5474. You can also access our  iTriage Symptom Checker  to provide up-to-the-minute information on your emergency needs and hospital arrival.

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