Keeping Your Heart Healthy Through the Holidays

Heart with weights

The holiday season can be a dubious time for your health. The plethora of holiday dishes and desserts combined with a calendar of social obligations can leave you eating more and exercising less than normal. Both activities can put added stress on your heart. MountainView Hospital aims to help Las Vegas residents keep on task with their heart health objectives. 

Prepare for Holiday Party Temptations
Tables full of delectable appetizers and desserts are a common sight at holiday parties. If you arrive just in time for dinner, though, those platters of savory and sweet treats may prove too irresistible to ignore. To avoid binging on foods high in fat and cholesterol, never go to a holiday party without a dining plan. That may mean sampling only the veggie tray when you grab a plate. It might also mean keeping a healthy snack in your briefcase, purse, or car console that you can eat prior to your arrival.

Don’t Put Your Exercise Plans on Holiday
Deciding to stop your workout regimen for even a month or two can have serious consequences on your heart health. Consistent exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system and eliminates the presence of plaque in the arteries. In the absence of a physical fitness routine, those benefits can disappear. Given the greater likelihood of eating high-calorie and high-fat foods during the holidays, abstaining from exercise at this time of year can have even more substantial side effects on your heart’s wellbeing.

Cook Your Own Holiday Meals
A busy holiday schedule can make finding time to cook and bake your own dishes difficult. When you buy pre-made meals from restaurants, fast food chains, or even the grocery store, though, you have little information about what ingredients went into those foods. To please the palates of their customers, many of these outlets season their dishes with high amounts of butter, oil, salt, and sugar. To cut down on your consumption of these foods, make a commitment to make your own holiday dishes.

MountainView Hospital provides comprehensive healthcare services for the greater Las Vegas community. For more information about our services, call us at (702) 233-5474. We will be offering numerous Heart Nutrition Classes in 2014, so be sure to check our calendar for those details.  You can also subscribe to our H2U , or Health to You, program for more tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

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