Are You Properly Informed About Heart Disease?

Between health programs and Internet stories, it’s easy to pick up misinformation about heart disease. Preventative treatment will ultimately vary based on your individual medical history, but it is important to determine fact from fiction when it comes to heart disease. Check out some common myths about heart disease with this brief guide from MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas :

Heart with heartbeat

Myth: Rest is the Best Treatment for Patients with Heart Disease.
It is important to avoid overstraining the heart after a diagnosis, but an excessively sedentary lifestyle can make symptoms worse and further increase your risk for other complications. Instead, work with your doctor to develop a safe and beneficial diet and exercise routine to strengthen the heart muscles and improve blood flow to major organs.

Myth: Surgery is a Permanent Fix.
Surgical procedures such as angioplasty and stenting play a major part in relieving heart disease symptoms, but they don’t address the underlying causes such as atherosclerosis. Without a long-term preventative treatment plan, the symptoms will only return and future surgical procedures may be riskier.

Myth: Vitamins and Supplements can Lower Your Risk.
Vitamins do play a factor in overall health and heart disease risk, but ongoing clinical trials have not conclusively proven that over-the-counter supplements significantly lower the risk for heart disease. So far, there is no scientific evidence confirming that vitamins alone prevent or treat cardiovascular disease.

Myth: Eating Less can Reduce Heart Attack Risk.
Weight loss is a great way to reduce your risk for cardiovascular complications, but a healthy diet should balance caloric intake with nutritional value. It is advisable to limit items such as LDL cholesterol, saturated fats, and sodium, but a heart-healthy diet should also contain enough HDL cholesterol, unsaturated fats, and omega-3 fatty acids to effectively lower your risk of heart attack or stroke.

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