What Is Atrial Fibrillation?

Atrial fibrillation, or irregular heartbeat, is often a symptom of pre-existing heart conditions. The top two chambers of the heart are known as the atria, and they are responsible for sending electrical signals through the heart to pump blood efficiently. When irregular beating causes the heart to shake or contract at the wrong rhythm, the heart’s ability to pump blood is reduced and clots may form.

The symptoms of atrial fibrillation range from unnoticeably mild to debilitating severe. Patients may experience chest pain or strain, vertigo, or fatigue and weakness. These symptoms may be exacerbated during strenuous physical activity. Depending on your medical history and symptoms, treatment options range from medication, lifestyle changes, and surgery.

heart beat

Atrial fibrillation can place you at a higher risk for cardiovascular emergencies such as heart attack or stroke, which is why it’s essential to schedule regular heart screenings with your doctor. To schedule an appointment with a  heart specialist in Las Vegas , contact MountainView Hospital online or call (702) 233-5474 today.

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