Would You Know If You Are Having a Heart Attack?

Heart attacks may seem like an easily recognizable medical emergency, but don’t be fooled by Hollywood dramatizations; heart attack symptoms can vary in intensity and duration and it can be difficult to distinguish normal chest pains from a true emergency. Learn more about some lesser known symptoms of heart attacks with this brief overview from MountainView Hospital .

Doubled Over in Pain

What Causes a Heart Attack
A heart attack results when a buildup of plaque or a blood clot blocks bloodflow to the heart. One in three Americans has cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure is one of its major risk factors. High blood pressure usually does not exhibit any symptoms, which is why it is often referred to as the “silent killer.”

Symptoms of Heart Attack
Chest pain during a heart attack may be severe, or it may be mild and intermittent over several hours. The symptoms of heart attack can be much more subtle than just chest pain, which is why it is easier than most people think to misdiagnose a heart attack. Other  common heart attack symptoms  include sweating, nausea, vertigo, shortness of breath, and cold sweat.

What to Do
Even if you are unsure if your symptoms indicate a heart attack, it is still important to dial 911 and to obtain a consultation from a heart specialist. Even a “small” heart attack can indicate severe underlying conditions such as atherosclerosis, which is why it’s important to get regular checkups with a trusted specialist. Try to stay calm and control the symptoms until medical help arrives if you notice any of the above symptoms.

MountainView Hospital is an  accredited Chest Pain Center in southern Nevada , and we take pride in providing on-site Cardiac Rehabilitation and ongoing care for a wide range of heart conditions. Our team of heart care specialists has the experience and equipment to respond to major heart emergencies. Our Consult-a-Nurse Healthcare Referral line is available 24/7 to answer all of your medical questions. Just call (702) 233-5474 to schedule an appointment or to receive a physician referral.

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