Are You Prepared for Medical Emergencies in Your Household?

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Preparedness and emergencies might seem like two mutually exclusive concepts, but should a medical crisis occur, you could save valuable minutes—and potentially a loved one’s life—if you’ve prepared ahead of time. For instance, if you know to text “ER” to 23000, MountainView Hospital can respond with the most current wait time information for our Las Vegas emergency care department. The following information can also help you handle any health crisis that occurs.

Knowing Where to Find the Nearest ER

A medical emergency demands the swiftest professional treatment available. If you need ER care, taking even a few minutes to look up the address of your nearest emergency department can result in a delay that may turn a serious situation into a life-threatening one. Before the day comes when you or a family member might require ER attention, know the address and driving route to the facility closest to home.

Readying Your Medical Documents

Doctors and nurses must tailor their treatment to the needs of each patient. Existing medical conditions, allergies, and other health issues all factor into how the ER staff addresses a medical emergency. To ensure that you and your loved ones can receive appropriate treatment as soon as possible, prepare the medical histories of each person in your family. You can also have copies made of your insurance paperwork so that you can provide them to the ER staff.

Packing an ER Travel Bag

Emergency room treatment means fast attention; however, it might not always translate into a fast departure. If your doctor or nurse is waiting for imaging or blood work results, you might end up staying at the ER for several hours. For your comfort and convenience, consider packing a bag or backpack with snacks, toys, reading materials, and other handy items. If your condition is serious enough to warrant hospitalization, you may also need clothing and personal hygiene products.

MountainView Hospital wants you to be ready for the unexpected health emergencies that can happen in life. If you have more questions about how to prepare for a trip to the ER, our representatives can help. Call our Las Vegas hospital at (702) 233-5474 to speak with a nurse about emergency preparedness.

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