Helpful Tips for First-Time Dads

Young father hugging his newborn daughter

Are you expecting a bundle of joy this summer? Given the comprehensive role that mothers have in carrying, delivering, and feeding their babies, some fathers might feel less than helpful during those first few months. However, you can be an integral part of your newborn’s life if you communicate with your partner. Though you may not be able to birth your child, you can make the process easier for your partner. Ask ahead of time what she needs for a smooth and comfortable delivery. Once the baby arrives, discuss how you can aid in feedings by providing pumped breast milk or formula via bottle to your newborn.

You can also rely on your hospital’s maternity department for help. Inquire as to what classes it might offer for expectant parents. By taking these courses, you can become better acquainted with what your role will entail as a first-time dad.

MountainView Hospital offers multiple prenatal and postpartum classes for moms and dads in the greater Las Vegas area. Visit our website today to view our upcoming schedule. You can also call (702) 233-5474 to speak with a hospital representative about our classes.

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