A Look at MountainView Hospital’s Spine Program

Backbone  problems - medical posterior view

Back pain impacts most people at some point in their lives and the effects can be debilitating. When non-invasive treatments aren’t enough, it’s time to contact the Spine Program at MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas. Our compassionate team of experts offers cutting-edge care designed to get you back to your normal activities as quickly as possible.

Our spine surgeons take a conservative approach to patient care, always choosing the least extensive procedure possible to address your condition. This approach ensures you have the fastest and most comfortable recovery you can have. In addition to our expert surgeons and nurses, we also have a spine coordinator who can help you and your family through every stage of surgery and recovery. With our program coordinator, you will always have a direct liaison between you and your surgeon.

A commitment to excellent patient care is found in all of our departments at MountainView Hospital. Let one of the nurses on our Consult-A-Nurse line answer your questions about our hospital, including any queries about spine surgery , robotic surgery, and much more. Call us in Las Vegas today at (702) 233-5474. 

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