How to Keep Your Child Healthy During the School Year

Boy Getting Shot

The recent enterovirus outbreak is one more reminder of the way illness and school often go hand-in-hand. In the close environments of classrooms and with some less-than-perfect hygiene, school can be a hotbed of health risks for kids. The good news is that your child can stay healthy this year with a few simple tricks and a little help from you. In honor of Children’s Health Month, here are some tips for keeping your child out of the hospital and in the classroom this school year.

Schedule a Flu Shot

Scheduling a flu shot is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your child healthy. For children, the flu can be especially dangerous. Many kids who have the flu may end up needing emergency care for complications. Arrange for your child to get the flu shot early in the season and be sure to follow your doctor’s vaccination schedule closely. Some children require two cycles of the flu shot that are spaced apart at specific intervals to achieve immunity. Follow these guidelines to ensure your child has the right level of protection.

Teach the Importance of Clean Hands

The reason why children are so susceptible to illness during the school year is simple—when they are out of your sight, they often don’t wash their hands. Talk to your child’s teachers about the classroom policy for washing hands throughout the day, and work together with the school to ensure that hands are washed after using the restroom and before eating. Make hand washing a habit in your home and encourage your child to keep up the routine at school.

Keep Sick Children at Home

Missing school might mean a lot of make-up work, but sick children should always stay at home. Not only do sick children need the rest for their own health, but keeping them at home helps to prevent the spread of germs at school. Commit to using sick days wisely and encourage other parents to do the same.

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