What to Expect When You Need Cardiac Surgery

Surgeon Wearing Protective Mask

Cardiac surgery may be necessary for a number of reasons, including arrhythmias, heart failure, or serious blockages in the circulatory system. These issues can all put you at risk for serious cardiac episodes, so surgery may be a critical step in managing your health. However, because cardiac surgery does focus on the most vital organ in your body, it does have a long road of recovery and rehabilitation to be aware of. Here is a closer look at what you might expect when you have cardiac surgery at MountainView Hospital , a regional leader in cardiovascular surgical care.

A Diverse Treatment Approach

When you have cardiac surgery, you will work with a whole team of specialists, not just a surgeon. You will likely need to go through a cardiac rehabilitation program following your surgery, which is offered on-site for patient convenience. As you see other specialists for follow-up care and rehabilitation services, you may work with a care coordinator who will serve as you primary resource throughout the surgical process from planning to recovery.

Detailed Discussions with Your Doctor

You will have extensive communication with the surgical team and your primary cardiac physician to help you understand the procedure that you are undergoing . In some cases, there may be some pre-surgical guidelines for patients, so your doctor will discuss these thoroughly to minimize any risk of surgical complications. Generally, all patients preparing for cardiac surgery should eat a healthy diet, quit smoking, and review any current medications with the surgical team.

Sophisticated Surgical Care

With modern advances in robotically assisted and minimally invasive surgeries, you can expect the most sophisticated, low-risk procedures available for your condition. You may have a shortened hospital stay and have minimal post-procedural scarring thanks to the advanced technologies offered through MountainView’s Cardiac Surgery Program.

To learn more about the benefits of seeking your care through MountainView Hospital, visit our website or call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 233-5474. We can provide access to the most advanced care available in the Las Vegas region, modeled after the leading cardiovascular institutes in the nation. 

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