What You Need to Know About Total Hip Replacement

Doctor Examining Male Patient With Hip Pain

The hip joint is among the largest joints in the body, and it is also one of the most susceptible to degenerative damage that wears away the cartilage protecting the bones that meet at the hip. When cartilage has been worn down by arthritis , fractures, or certain congenital conditions, the bones grind against each other and cause severe pain and inflammation that gets in the way of everyday activities. Total hip replacement will involve the removal of damaged bone and placement of an implant that eventually bonds with the natural tissue and functions like a healthy joint. If you are considering total hip replacement as an answer to your chronic hip pain, here is a look at some of the important details of this surgery.

Surgical candidates

Not everyone with damage in the hip joint will be a candidate for surgery , since there is a significant active recovery process that follows the procedure. Patients who are not fit or healthy enough to build up an exercise routine after surgery may not be ideal candidates. Those who are overweight may have weight loss guidelines to follow before the surgery takes place.

Implant components

Hip replacement involves the placement of an implant typically consisting of metal and plastic components that may be held in place by screws or cement. Over time, the prosthesis will fuse with the natural bone to create a strong and stable joint that maximizes mobility long after the healing process is complete.

Procedural steps

An orthopedic surgeon will plan the incision for hip replacement to create the lowest risk of complications during healing. The damaged areas of the bone will be removed so the implant may be aligned and placed. Surgery lasts several hours and takes place under general anesthesia.

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