Ensuring Better Nutrition for the Whole Family


Parents can help their children learn how to make healthy food choices by modeling these good behaviors. When kids see their parents enjoying green vegetables, limiting sugar intake, and choosing fruits for snacks or dessert, they may be more likely to copy these habits. Parents can also get their kids involved in the meal preparation process. This may mean going to the grocery store together and letting the kids pick out a few vegetables they’d like to try. Kids can help prepare the meal by measuring ingredients and washing vegetables for a salad. Additionally, kids who are a little finicky about eating vegetables may be more inclined to try them if they grew veggies in a family garden.

There are a number of tricks parents can use to ensure that everyone gets plenty of vegetables and fruits in their diet. Sliced bananas and blueberries may be added to oatmeal or cold cereal. Pizza made with whole grain dough can be topped with broccoli, peppers, and other tasty veggies. Grated carrots, sliced mushrooms, and peas make great additions to pasta sauce.

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