Celebrating Air Quality Awareness Week in Your Community


Air quality is important for the whole community, since polluted air can damage your lungs and contribute to respiratory diseases without you even realizing it. Unfortunately, there are about 75 million Americans living in areas with unhealthy air, but there are ways that each member of the community can contribute to cleaner air. During Air Quality Awareness Week this April, take these steps to improve your air quality IQ and start doing your part to keep the Las Vegas air cleaner for everyone.

Find ways to reduce air pollution

If everyone contributes to improving air quality on a smaller scale, a big difference can be made in the level of pollutants in the air you breathe. Small changes like biking to work once or twice each week or starting a carpool program at work can help reduce your contribution to air pollution and help influence major changes over time.

Start a new exercise routine

As you begin to help clean up the air around you, you might celebrate by starting a new exercise routine outdoors. Your lungs will benefit from the activity, and you will have all the more reason to continue making an effort to help clean up the air in your community.

Follow the AQI

The AQI, or Air Quality Index , is a resource that can alert you when air is unhealthy or hazardous. This may help you plan the best times of the day to enjoy outdoor exercise and other recreational activities. Because the AQI is a national index, it may also help you plan your vacations, since you can see the areas with the cleanest, freshest air.

For more information on how you can promote better air quality in your neighborhood, call MountainView Hospital at (702) 233-5300 and speak with one of our registered nurses. You might also explore our lung cancer screening services online if you fall into the high risk category for this common type of cancer. 

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