What You Need to Know About Organ Donation and Its Lifesaving Benefits


Organ donation is a subject that many people do not often think about, because most organ donors give the gift of life after they have passed away. Still, it is important to consider whether you might want to be an organ donor early on in life so that you may spend years knowing that you could help up to eight individuals waiting on lifesaving organ transplants. This article will offer more information about organ donation to help you make the admirable decision to join your state’s organ donor registry during National Donate Life Month this April.

Becoming a Donor

Enrolling as an organ donor is easy, since most states have online registries where anyone over the age of 18 may sign up as a donor. There may be an indication of your donor status on your state-issued driver’s license. In some cases, the consent for organ donation will be given by the next of kin when an individual has suffered brain death but is not listed on the donor registry.

Knowing the Process of Donation

Organ donors are generally individuals who have died of sudden head trauma, stroke, or brain aneurysm. After all efforts have been made to treat these individuals, they will be tested for brain death. If the individual is registered as a donor, an organ procurement organization will find matches for viable organs. The entire process must be carried out quickly once a patient has died, since organs have a very limited life after they are surgically removed for transplant.

Recognizing the Need for Donors

Because there are many different organs and tissues that may be used for transplantation, a single organ donor may touch up to 50 lives with the potential to save about 8 of those lives. Still, the need for donors is high, because there are about 120,000 people waiting for an organ in the U.S. at any given time.

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