Reasons to Choose a Midwife for Your Delivery


When you are choosing the details of your birth plan at MountainView Hospital, you might consider the option of a midwife rather than conventional delivery with an obstetrician. A midwife is a certified nurse who is specially trained to provide care for mothers through pregnancy and delivery along with postpartum support. Many women prefer the more intimate approach of the midwife model of care , which is available in our elegant private birthing suites in Las Vegas. Keep reading for a closer look at what a midwife may have to offer for your birthing experience in our hospital.

Comprehensive holistic care

Midwives offer hands-on support with prenatal care and counseling prior to assisting in labor and delivery. Working with a midwife, you will have continuous monitoring of your physical and mental health with minimal technological interventions. By selecting a midwife at MountainView Hospital, you will still retain access to obstetrical care with state-of-the-art infant care services should the need arise.

Natural birthing techniques

If you are interested in a natural birth without the use of pain medications and extensive technological assistance, a midwife will facilitate the right natural birth plan for your safety and comfort. Midwives base their care on the individual needs of each patient, so your birth experience will be completely unique to you.

Prenatal education

Well before your delivery, you may begin working with a midwife to understand the necessary elements of prenatal care—including your pregnancy lifestyle. This personalized, one-on-one support is particularly beneficial for first-time mothers who may have a number of questions and concerns throughout each trimester.

If you are expecting a new addition to your family, MountainView Hospital will offer detailed prenatal care and dedicated attention through your labor and delivery to provide your child with a great start. You can learn more about the benefits of choosing our facilities for your delivery by calling (702) 233-5300 to speak with one of our registered nurses. 

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