How Can Summer Boost Your Heart Health?


Caring for your heart is a year-round job, but summer brings some unique benefits you can use to stay heart healthy. By tapping into everything summer has to offer, you can improve your cardiovascular health and stay out of the heart hospital . Take advantage of summer to make your heart just a little bit healthier with these tips.

Get Active

Outdoor activities beckon during the summer months, so take advantage of them to get your heart pumping. Swim, play basketball, walk on the beach, or join in a baseball game to get fit and have fun doing it. If you do get active outside, be sure to pay attention to the heat and signs of heat-related illnesses. Drink plenty of water and get out of the sun if you start to feel lightheaded or weak. Plan your activities for the coolest parts of the day and always wear sunscreen. If it’s too hot to get active outdoors, move the fun inside and try a new workout class or take advantage of indoor courts.

Dine on Summer Produce

Summer is peak season for a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, so dish up plenty of these heart-healthy foods. Fruits are especially tasty during summer and can be eaten a number of ways: grilled, frozen, in a smoothie, or just fresh and delicious. Boost your hydration and satisfy your craving for crunchy foods by keeping fresh celery, cucumbers, and baby carrots on hand for snacking.

Host a Cookout

Grilling is a great way to prepare food without oils and fats that can compromise your heart health. Fire up the grill and cook up heart-healthy foods such as fresh fish, lean beef burgers, or vegetable kabobs. A cookout gives you an excuse to invite friends and family over, plus, it keeps the post-meal cleanup to a minimum.

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