Common Illnesses to Look Out for When Your Child Goes Back to School

Back-to-school time is exciting for kids and parents alike, but it is also a risky time for your child’s health. Close quarters and a lack of hand washing creates a fertile ground for infections. Be on the lookout for these childhood illnesses when your child returns to the classroom.

Lice Infestation

Classrooms are the perfect places for the transmission of lice . Contrary to popular belief, it is actually quite difficult to transmit lice by sharing clothing or personal hygiene items with an infected individual, but it does spread via direct contact with hair, which can happen on the playground, on the bus, or at desks. Schools typically alert parents when a child has been infected and may offer screenings at school. Lice are easily treated with topical solutions and shampoos, and in some cases, nit combs. If your child is diagnosed with lice, everyone in your household should be treated.

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

Hand, foot, and mouth disease, or HFMD, is a viral illness that causes skin rash, mouth and face sores, and fever. It can be spread via contact with a contaminated surface, such as a water fountain or desk, or via direct contact with an infected person. Your pediatrician will usually be able to diagnose HFMD during a physical exam. There is no specific treatment other than managing the symptoms, but if your child is infected, he or she should stay home from school until your doctor says he or she is no longer contagious.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Bacterial conjunctivitis, also called red eye or pink eye, is an eye infection that causes redness on the eye and surrounding skin, as well as drainage. Children easily spread bacterial conjunctivitis through touching. If your child develops symptoms, he or she may need a topical antibiotic.

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