Tips for a Healthy New You in the New Year

January is an appropriate time to reflect on past progress and make plans for the future. If you are currently dealing with health issues such as overweight or obesity, tobacco use, or heart problems, you might consider using New Year’s resolutions to help you get control of your wellness. Even if you are in good overall health, preventive wellness is crucial for maintaining quality of life. Individuals in the Las Vegas area can take advantage of the comprehensive line of medical services offered at MountainView Hospital, including heart health services and bariatric weight loss .

Take Care of Your Heart

Heart health is essential for individuals of all ages. You can take steps now to reduce your risk of suffering a heart attack or other serious heart problems in future. Design a heart-smart diet by using flavorful herbs and spices instead of salt, preparing fresh meals instead of relying on prepackaged convenience foods, and choosing healthy fats from sources such as nuts, instead of saturated fats from animal products. Regular exercise will also help keep your heart strong. However, individuals with underlying medical conditions may wish to speak with a doctor before starting an exercise program.

Improve Your Workplace Wellness

Improving the ergonomic design of one’s workstation might not necessarily be among the most popular of New Year’s resolutions; however, doing so may save you from chronic pain later in life. Consider talking to an orthopedic specialist such as a physical therapist about ways to improve your wellness at work. This might involve investing in a new office chair with lumbar support or getting into the habit of stretching and walking around periodically throughout the day.

Learn About Important Health Screenings

Health screenings are a tool that doctor can use to assess your risk of various medical problems. Some health screenings are performed during each physical exam, including a check of your blood pressure. Consider talking to your doctor about other health screenings that might be appropriate for you, such as screening mammograms or lung cancer screenings.

Whatever your health goals are for the New Year, MountainView Hospital is here to help you accomplish them. We encourage residents of the Las Vegas area to explore our preventive wellness services , along with our specialties such as bariatric weight loss, stroke care, heart care, and robotic surgery. You can reach out to our Consult-A-Nurse line by calling (702) 233-5300.

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