Understanding the Need for Blood Donors

When a natural disaster strikes, many people rush to their local hospitals to donate blood. Yet, a steady supply of donated blood is necessary every day of the year. Blood donors help save the lives of patients in the emergency care department and beyond. At MountainView Hospital , our emergency care team encourages members of the Las Vegas community to consider becoming blood donors.

Which Patients Need Blood?

It’s well known that emergency care departments require donated blood to save the lives of accident victims and other trauma patients. However, you may not know that the patients who require the most blood are not necessarily brought to the hospital via an ambulance. Patients who are being treated for cancer, those who are undergoing cardiovascular or orthopedic surgeries, and those who must have organ or marrow transplants have a crucial need for donated blood. These are just a few examples of the types of patients who might benefit from your blood donation.

How does the Donation Process Benefit Donors?

Although saving lives is certainly a good enough reason for becoming a blood donor, you may be interested in learning that the donation process can also benefit you. During your blood donation appointment, you will receive a medical screening. Additionally, donating blood on a regular basis can reduce excessive iron in the bloodstream, which may improve your heart health.

How Can Someone Donate Blood to Him-Or Herself?

Anyone might need donated blood at any time. However, sometimes patients know in advance that they may need a blood transfusion. One example is an elective surgery such as a hip replacement. If you expect to undergo a surgery, you can donate your own blood for a few weeks prior to the procedure. This ensures that the blood transfusion is the perfect match for you. It also reduces the strain on the community blood supply.

Since 1996, MountainView Hospital has provided life-saving interventions for residents throughout the Las Vegas area and the use of donated blood remains an integral component of our emergency care. If you’re anticipating having robotic surgery at our full-service medical facility, you could consider donating your own blood . Call (702) 233-5300 for general inquiries about our heart hospital or about donating blood.

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