Understanding the Myth of the Hollywood Heart Attack

The typical portrayal of a heart attack in a movie features an older man who suddenly grabs at his chest and falls to the ground. However, Hollywood is not well known for making movies that strictly adhere to factual information. In reality, heart attacks can result in a range of symptoms. Additionally, contrary to popular belief, a heart hospital such as MountainView Hospital cares for heart attack patients long after they are discharged.

Myth: “Little” Heart Attacks Are No Big Deal

As the cardiologist in this featured video explains, some patients do have classic acute coronary symptoms such as severe chest pain. However, this isn’t always the case and some heart hospital patients may think that because their symptoms are mild, their heart attacks cannot cause serious damage. There is no such thing as a “little” heart attack. Even when a heart attack results in flu-like symptoms, fatigue, and lightheadedness instead of excruciating chest pain, the heart muscle is being deprived of blood. This will cause irreversible damage to the heart muscle .

Myth: Heart Attack Patients Are Typically Older Men

Heart disease is a leading cause of death among women. Unfortunately, women may be less likely than men to seek emergency care. This may be especially true of young heart attack patients. Not every heart attack victim is in his or her 60’s or older. In fact, heart attacks have been diagnosed in individuals in their 20’s and 30’s.

Myth: Discharge from the Heart Hospital Concludes Medical Treatment

Once a patient survives the cardiac event and leaves the heart hospital, it’s commonly assumed that his or her treatment has ended. In fact, comprehensive cardiac rehab is crucial for a heart attack patient’s recovery. Patients will typically receive cardiac rehab services from a cardiologist, physical therapist, dietitian, and psychologist. Cardiac rehab supports the patient’s physical and mental recovery and reduces his or her risk of recurrent heart attack.

The heart health team at MountainView Hospital provides a continuum of care for our heart attack patients in Las Vegas—from emergency care to cardiac rehabilitation. If you experience any possible warning signs of a heart attack, you’re urged to call 911 immediately for transportation to our heart hospital. If you do not have a condition that may require emergency care, you can contact our heart hospital at (702) 233-5300.

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