Spotlight on Robotic Thoracic Surgery Procedures

Thoracic surgery is performed to treat conditions that occur in organs in your chest. The Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery at MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas offers patients an alternative to invasive major surgery in the thoracic region with cutting-edge robotic technology. Here is a closer look at why patients and surgeons alike are embracing this procedure.

What Makes Robotic Surgery Different?

Robotic surgery is performed using very small instruments that are controlled by the surgeon via a console unit. The instruments are able to operate through very small incisions, and they are able to bend and rotate to a much greater extent than the human hand. Because small cameras are inserted through the incisions, the surgeon gets a much better view of the organs during surgery than if he or she was directly operating. Because traditional surgical approaches for thoracic conditions involve large incisions and may also require damaging one or more rib, robotic surgery is a less invasive option that can improve patient outcomes and lead to speedier recoveries with less pain.

What Conditions Can Be Treated?

Robotic surgery can work for a number of different thoracic conditions, including hyperhidrosis and lung cancer. For lung cancer patients, lobectomies and lymph node removals can be performed robotically. The robotic system can also be used to remove tissue for diagnostic biopsies.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

A number of factors go into determining who is a good candidate for robotic surgery. The location of the area that needs to be operated on, the nature of your condition, and your health history all play roles. Your surgeon will review your options with you and help you make the best choice for your thoracic surgery.

MountainView Hospital and the Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery offer robotic surgery as an option for many different treatment needs. Call us today at (702) 233-5300 for more information or to request a referral to a physician.

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