A Look at Life After a Hysterectomy

Having a hysterectomy is a life-changing procedure for women. As recommended in this video from MountainView Hospital , you should ask your doctor a range of questions about the procedure, from asking about his or her certifications and experience with hysterectomies to what to expect after surgery. Many hysterectomies are robotic surgery procedures, which means the recovery time is faster. In honor of National Cancer Survivors Day on June 5 and the women who are here because of a life-saving hysterectomy, and all of the women who have decided on a hysterectomy for better health here is a closer look at what to expect after the procedure.

Initial Recovery

The initial recovery period for a hysterectomy varies depending on the type of surgery. Robotic surgery patients have less bleeding and pain after the procedure than patients who undergo traditional surgery. Typically, women stay in the hospital for one to two days and recover at home for two to six weeks before returning to normal activities. During this time, the pain will be managed with medication. Your doctor will let you know when you can resume your usual tasks.

Hormonal Changes

Contrary to popular belief, not every woman who has a hysterectomy goes into menopause. That typically only happens when the ovaries are removed as well as the uterus. Your doctor can manage symptoms like mood swings, weight gain, and hair loss that occur with the sudden drop in estrogen with hormone replacement therapy. Even if you do not have your ovaries removed, their function may be somewhat diminished, which can cause an increase in symptoms of hormonal imbalance.


The vast majority of women are thrilled with their hysterectomies. This surgery can be life-saving or can put an end to prolonged pain, but it is still natural to experience a period of mourning after this big change. Your doctor can refer you to support groups or with a mental health counselor to help you adjust.

At MountainView Hospital, our robotic surgery in Las Vegas makes hysterectomy recovery as fast and easy as possible. Request a referral to one of our specialists by calling (702) 233-5300.

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