Get to Know Your Local ER

Among the many medical services we offer at MountainView Hospital is comprehensive emergency care that is available around-the-clock, whenever your family needs it the most. We have been providing quality emergency care to patients in Las Vegas since 1996 for everything from broken bones to heart attacks. Take a closer look behind the scenes at MountainView Hospital’s ER to learn more about how we provide life-saving care.

Convenient Access

The ER at MountainView Hospital has a dedicated entrance for easy patient check-in. Immediately upon arrival, every patient undergoes our triage program to determine the best plan for his or her care. During the triage process, a specially trained nurse quickly assesses patients’ symptoms and determines which patients could be experiencing a life-threatening emergency, so they can receive the stroke care, heart attack treatment, or other urgent procedure as soon as possible. Triaging patients ensure everyone receives the best possible care when they need it, by prioritizing patients who need urgent interventions. With 42 private ER rooms and a full staff of trained doctors and nurses around the clock, most patients see a medical provider within 30 minutes of arrival.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Every second counts when it comes to emergency care, which is why fast diagnosis is so important. At MountainView Hospital, we boast the very latest in diagnostic imaging equipment and other technology to make urgent decisions about care. This equipment is especially important in our Certified Primary Stroke Center and accredited Chest Pain Center, where fast diagnoses allow patients to get life-saving care fast.

Access to Inpatient Services

When a patient comes into the ER, he or she has complete access to the comprehensive medical services we provide throughout the hospital and can be easily admitted for continuing care by one of our specialists. These services include cardiac and stroke rehabilitation, robotic surgery, cancer care, and more.

You can find the current wait times at MountainView Hospital’s ER by visiting our website, where you can also find more information about all of our hospital services, including emergency care and stroke care in Las Vegas . For more information, please call (702) 233-5300.

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