Eye Injury Awareness and Prevention

Eye injuries are a painful problem that may sometimes lead to vision loss. These injuries can occur anywhere, but most frequently happen around the home, at work, and while playing sports. Taking precautionary measures can help reduce your risk of sustaining an eye injury. If you do become injured, the emergency care team at MountainView Hospital can help.

Understanding the Risks of Eye Injuries

Eye injury prevention begins with raising your awareness about this issue. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), 90% of eye injuries may be preventable by simply wearing protective eyewear. The AAO further notes that it’s commonly believed that the majority of eye injuries happen while at work. In fact, 44.7% of eye injuries occur in and around the home and about 40% of all eye injuries stem from sports and other recreational activities.

Protecting Your Eyes at Work

Workplace eye injuries most often occur in jobs that involve hazardous chemicals, flying objects, airborne particles, and power tools. First, identify the potential hazards in your workplace and then talk to your employer about ways of mitigating the dangers. Know how to use all workplace safety equipment, including work screens and machine guards. Wear eye and face protection approved for your particular industry by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Reducing the Risk of Injuries Around the Home

Cleaning, home improvement, and yard work are the activities that are most likely to cause eye injuries. When cleaning, check the label on all chemical products and follow the directions carefully. It’s particularly important to avoid mixing chemicals. While performing home improvement tasks or yard work, wear proper eye protection to prevent injuries from airborne particles. Before mowing the yard, walk around and pick up branches or other objects that might be propelled through the air.

Protecting Your Eyes While Playing Sports

Boxing, martial arts, baseball, basketball, and racquet sports are most likely to cause eye injuries. Check with your coach or fitness instructor regarding the proper eye protection for your chosen sport. This may include a full-face shield, wire shield, or protective eyewear with polycarbonate lenses.

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