Why Children Should Never Be Left Alone in the Car

Running your daily errands can result in tragedy if you forget that your child is in the backseat or intentionally leave him behind thinking that you’ll only be away for a minute. Each year, about 37 children die of heat stroke after being left in a hot car, and even more experience the significant effects of heat illness , which can result in brain damage or other disabilities in young children. This article will take a closer look at the reasons why you should never underestimate the danger of leaving your child in the car, even if you are only walking away for a brief moment.

The car can heat up quickly.

When it is just 80 degrees outside, the interior of your car might reach temperatures exceeding 120 degrees. Summers in Las Vegas see much higher temperatures, so the danger of heat illness is very real. It does not take long for the car to heat up, either. In just a matter of minutes, your car might become dangerously hot. Because children’s bodies are not as efficient at regulating their temperature, kids can rapidly succumb to heat illness when left in these temperatures. Leaving the engine running with the A/C on is no safe alternative since this will present an entirely different set of risks for your child.

Kids may not be able to let themselves out.

If you have child locks on the doors, your child may not be able to get out of the car if he is feeling too hot. Young kids in car seats will be completely unable to let themselves out of the car, and they might not know to call for help if they have been left behind in the car.

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