Your Guide to Trampoline Safety

Trampolines have become an icon for summer fun, but they are also a frequent cause of injuries treated in both adults and children in the ER . From broken bones to concussions to lacerations, there is significant risk involved with backyard trampolines that you will want to be aware of. Jumping on the trampoline can be a great way to have fun while you burn calories, but you will want to keep the following tips in mind as you spring into action.

Never Let Children Jump Without Supervision

Just like backyard pools, trampolines should only be used under the dedicated supervision of a parent or other adult. As you watch your child jump, discourage any risky stunts or tricks that might pose a higher risk for injury. Flips, for example, can end with a botched landing resulting in some serious orthopedic injuries.

Don’t Overcrowd the Trampoline

A majority of trampoline injuries in children occur when there are two or more jumpers on the trampoline at once. Even with a large trampoline, it is hard to control where you are moving in the air, so the risk of a collision with another jumper is high. Ideally, only one person should jump on the trampoline at any given time. The most likely outcome of an accident involving two people on the trampoline is a concussion, as it is common to butt heads in airborne collisions. If you ever suspect a concussion in yourself or your child, you should seek medical care right away, as the damage may be worse than immediate symptoms indicate.

Use Adequate Safety Gear

The setup of your trampoline is vital to its safety. You should only place a trampoline on level ground and use protective padding on all exposed bars and springs. A safety net may be helpful, but do not let it give you a false sense of security. Many trampoline injuries occur on the mat itself, so a net will not prevent these accidents.

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