Fall Prevention Tips for the Holidays

Falls that cause serious injuries and require emergency care are often associated with the elderly, but anyone can sustain disabling injuries from a fall. The holiday season is a prime time for falls because of the hazards of putting up decorations from elevated positions and other common holiday activities. Prevention is the best medicine, but if you or a loved one does sustain injuries this year, the emergency care team at MountainView Hospital is available 24/7.

Use Ladders Safely
Falls from elevations are a common cause of fractures, dislocations, concussions, and other serious injuries. If you must use a ladder to put up holiday decorations, have a responsible adult standing nearby to lend assistance if need be. Inspect the ladder for slippery rungs and signs of damage before using it. Wear shoes that grip well and make sure your shoelaces are securely tied. Place the ladder on a firm, even surface and take your time ascending and descending it. During the holiday season, decorators often fall from ladders when they try to reach too far away from the ladder. Instead, take the time to climb down and reposition it. If you have issues with balance, coordination, or dizziness, you might consider asking someone else to put up your decorations for you.

Clear Walking Paths
Many people rearrange furniture for the holidays to accommodate guests and trees. Make sure that every room still has clear walking paths to prevent tripping. While you’re hauling boxes and bins out of storage, try to keep them out of these walking paths.

Limit Alcohol Consumption
If you plan to enjoy a festive beverage that contains alcohol, do so after putting up the decorations. Drinking alcohol can significantly increase your chances of falling off a ladder or stool. You can also reduce your risk of being rushed to the emergency care department by avoiding alcohol if it may increase your chances of dizziness from any medications you might be taking.

At MountainView Hospital , our emergency care team strives for continual improvements in response times and quality of care. The result is emergency care in Las Vegas that your family can count on when you need it most. Direct serious medical problems to a 911 dispatcher; non-emergent questions about our hospital services can be directed to a registered nurse at (702) 233-5300.

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